Create a stand-out
Brand Identity

in 6 weeks

without the DIY headache

Does this sound familiar?

Building a meaningful visual identity isn't the easiest thing.

Especially when you’re juggling the rest of the business (not to mention families and relationships)


We’ve happily helped our clients through these struggles over the years. We’ve combined our expertise and experience into our signature branding process to help small product-based businesses succeed in brand building.

Our Solution

What's Branded to Sell?

Branded to Sell is a six-week branding process, designed to help you clarify your brand idea. We then move forward with executing and implementing branding for your business that will help you make money in your business, which is what it’s all about!


Not only do we create a beautiful visual identity, but we also help you clarify your vision and strengthen your brand’s foundation.

How to know if Branded to Sell is right for you

You sell products

Branded to Sell is for product-based business owners who have a vision for their brand and feel ready to collaborate and invest in a graphic designer.

You have a vision

You know what you like and have an overall vision for your business, but you're struggling on exactly how to kind of put the pieces together and implement it yourself

You're ready to grow your business

You are prepared for your visual branding to look as professional and cohesive as you always dreamed it to be

Branded to Sell might NOT be a good fit if...

"I just need a logo..."

It takes so much more to build a memorable brand than just a logo. Branded to Sell is a comprehensive identity package, if you're just looking for a logo, might not be for you.

Hit it and Quit it

Building a brand is really about building your relationship with your customers. If quick money is your game and you plan to be here today and gone tomorrow, this program is not for you.

Got Services?

I've achieved results for service providers in the past; however, this program is specifically focused on products and making them stand out by clearly communicating their value through your visual identity.

So How Does This Work?

Branded to Sell consists of 4 phases,
designed to efficiently guide us through the design process

PHASE 1: Discovery

When you enroll in the program, you will receive-


In this phase, I’ll put together


Here comes the fun, in the development phase you can look forward to-


Now we’re cooking! In this phase, we make sure that you can, on your own, consistently create content that’s on-brand for your business. You’ll receive your

“Brings your brand's personality to life through clear communication, compassion and a genuine understanding of your vision. Worked on my skincare line with speed, grace, and professionalism.“
Troi Lauren
Sol Journey Apothecary


As many answers as we could compile!

Branded to Sell is a branding package where we refine your idea before executing any design work. Once we have a clear brand idea, my team is off to implement your idea and vision from design to production.

Branded To Sell is unique because it’s a very efficient process to get you up and running and making money for your business by building a powerful visual identity that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

We do this by clarifying your brand idea, establishing visual direction, and intentionally designing along your customer’s buying journey.

Yes, to an extent! Branded To Sell includes a $500 print credit. Once collateral items are designed and ready to be produced, up to $500 of printing is included in the package. The credit can be used for any print or production item.

This varies from client to client based on factors of life. On average, the process takes about 6-8 weeks.

Yes! If you’re interested in a payment plan, let us know on your next step call!

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Revenue Increase

attributed to consistent branding across all channels

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are necessary before someone remembers your brand

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of consumers

say that user generated content highly impacts their purchasing decision

Branded To Sell clients report increases
in product sales, brand awareness and user generated content.

Through Branded to Sell, we have the pleasure of forming an long-lasting relationship with my clients.


To sign up schedule some time to hop on a call with us.

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